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Adau Mornyang Australian model entered illegally U.S and departs: Adau Mornyang Wiki, Age, Bio, Personal Life, Instagram, Twitter, and more facts

Adau Mornyang Wiki – Biography

A Sundanese-Australian model who was locked up by U.S. immigration officials for entering the country illegally has been released from custody. Adau Mornyang (born 1994) is a Top Australian model, and beauty pageant finalist. She has become an advocate against rape victim/blaming culture, particularly in South Sudanese communities. She spoke out on Facebook about her assault that occurred at age 17 in Adelaide which attracted national media coverage and international on the issue, since then she has spoken of other issues that made the news.

Adau Mornyang Age

Born                      1994 (age 25–26) South Sudan

Adau Mornyang Nationality

Nationality              Australian

Adau Mornyang Known for

Known for               Talking about social issues

Adau Mornyang  U.S. immigration officials

Adau Mornyang, 25, was deemed ‘illegally present’ in America after a judge in Los Angeles sentenced her to probation and community service in July for assaulting and interfering with a flight attendant on a ‘nightmare’ international flight.

She was held in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in New York for three months before her release on December 21.

Adau Mornyang Sister statement

Mornyang’s sister, Maria, claimed the model had a valid visa and was in the United States legally on September 17 when she was arrested in a ‘surprise ambush’ by I.C.E officers who had revoked her visa without notice.

‘Adau Mornyang is an illegally present Australian citizen who was processed as expedited removal,’ ICE public affairs officer Rachael Yong Yow told AAP on December 2.

‘She was convicted July 15 of an assault stemming from a mid-air disturbance on board an aircraft.

‘Mornyang was taken into ICE custody September 17 and is pending removal from the United States.’

Adau Mornyang Miss World Australia Finalist

Mornyang competed for the Miss World Australia 2017 title at the Rendezvous Hotel against 30 other contenders, there she progressed to the final eight, Mornyang vowed to use the Miss World platform to inspire people and speak out against rape in communities which sweep the criminal acts under the rug.

Personal life

Mornyang migrated to Australia when she was 10 as a refugee from war-torn South Sudan unable to speak English, Mornyang moved from Sydney to Melbourne on her own at age 17, and from 19 to 22 her career in modelling prospered having worked as a global campaign face for Sephora and recently in 2019 walked the runway at New York Fashion Week. Working in the top fashion cities of the world, such as London, Paris and New York Mornyang kept to her goal of becoming a positive role model for her community, using the Miss World platform and the news media to achieve it.

Adau Mornyang United Airlines incident

On January 21, 2019, United Airlines flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles, Mornyang was involved in a physical altercation with a flight attendant. The audio was released showing her drunkenly yelling obscenities and racial slurs and abused the airline crew after they investigated complaints about her behavior from fellow passengers. The incident escalated when she slapped a member of the flight crew and had to be handcuffed by a flight marshal. About two hours before the flight landed, she was allowed to use the restroom, where she stayed for the remainder of the flight. She was arrested upon the plane’s arrival in Los Angeles.

In March 2019, she was found guilty of a felony charge of interference with a flight crew member and a misdemeanor count of assault by a Los Angeles jury. At her trial, it was disclosed that she had to be carried out of the plane by air marshals. After her trial, she stated that she did not remember what had happened, but might have mixed prescription drugs with too much alcohol during the flight.