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Who is Alireza Firouzja? An Irani No-1 ranked teenage player plan to change Nationality banned against Israil: Alireza Firouzja Wiki, Age, Bio, Personal Life, Instagram, Twitter, and more facts

Alireza Firouzja Wiki – Biography

Alireza Firouzja an Iranian chess prodigy. He won the Iranian Chess Championship at age 12 and earned the grandmaster title at the age of 14. He is the second-youngest player ever to reach a rating of 2700 (after Wei Yi), accomplishing this aged 16 years and 1 month. As of November 2019, Firouzja is the No. 1 ranked Iranian player[2] and the No. 1 U16 player in the world,[3] with a FIDE rating of 2720.

Officials wanted to bar him from the $1m, 206-player world rapid and blitz championships now underway in Moscow, where Magnus Carlsen is the No 1 seed and Firouzja began with 3.5/5, to prevent any pairings against Israelis.


Alireza Firouzja Age

Born                                    18 June 2003 (age 16) Babol, Iran

Alireza Firouzja Title

Title                                   Grandmaster (2018)

Alireza Firouzja Ranking

Ranking                            No. 28 (November 2019)

Iran Ranking                   1 (U16)

Alireza Firouzja About Nationality

Firouzja and his father have already left Iran and are currently living in Paris. It is unclear yet whether his next permanent allegiance will be to France or elsewhere. Could he end up at St Louis, receiving special coaching by Garry Kasparov and boosting US billionaire Rex Sinquefield’s dream of another American world champion to follow Fischer?

Firouzja himself was unable to obtain a US visa when invited for the World team in the 2017 Match of the Millennials at St Louis, where the global selection defeated America’s best teenagers. Sinquefield paid for the transfer of Fabiano Caruana from Italy and Wesley So from the Philippines, but that occurred only after they became top 10 GMs.

A permanent move to France might be Firouzja’s more practical option, as most major tournaments are staged in Europe. The government-supported French federation would have the opportunity to make France one of the strongest chess nations by including Firouzja in its team alongside the world No 4 Vachier-Lagrave.

Alireza Firouzja Career

Firouzja won the gold medal in the U12 section at the Asian Youth Chess Championships in 2015. He won the Iranian Chess Championship in 2016. He scored 8/11 points (+5−0=6), a full point ahead of his nearest competitors, and at age 12 became the youngest ever to win the title.  Also in 2016, he was awarded the title International Master (IM) by FIDE.


Firouzja at the Grenke Chess Open, 22 April 2019

Firouzja won the Iranian Chess Championship for a second time in 2019, finishing clear first with 9/11 (+7−0=4). In March, he competed in the World Team Chess Championship with Iran. He scored 7/9 points (+6−1=2) as Iran placed sixth out of ten. Later in March, he participated in the 3rd Sharjah Masters. He tied for 1st–7th on 7/9 (+5−0=4), placing fourth on tiebreak. Ernesto Inarkiev won the event. In April, Firouzja competed in the Bullet Chess Championship, losing in the quarterfinals to the eventual winner Hikaru Nakamura. Later in April, Firouzja placed second on tiebreak behind Constantin Lupulescu in the Reykjavik Open with 7/9 (+6−1=2). During the event’s rest day, he won the European Fischer Random Championship with 8/9 (+7−0=2).