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Angela Holloway the wife of Keith Thomas Kinnunen shooter of church of christ has divorced: Angela Holloway Wiki, Age, Bio, Personal Life, Instagram, Twitter, and more facts

Angela Holloway Wiki – Biography

The ex-wife of the Texas church shooter has apologized after he killed two worshipers and says she is glad a volunteer security guard shot him dead.

Angela Holloway, who divorced Keith Thomas Kinnunen, 43, of River Oaks, in 2010 after eight years together, told Fox4: ‘I’m glad they stopped him when they did.


Angela Holloway Age

Age                                               43

Angela Holloway Nationality

Nationality                                  River Oaks, Texas, USA

Angela Holloway Husband Keith Thomas Kinnunen

She said she hadn’t spoken to Kinnunen in years and learned from news reports that he was the church attacker, adding: ‘We tried to encourage him. He’s popped in and out of our lives for years.

‘Everybody kept telling him you need to get right, you need to do right.’

The couple used to attend church together and there were times he appeared to be off drugs, but he was frightened by the end of their six-year marriage, she added. ‘He was really disturbed,’ Holloway said.

Kinnunen got ‘more and more’ into drugs and ‘it messed with his head’ during their marriage, Holloway, whose divorce from him was finalized in 2011, had earlier said.

‘Keith is a violent, paranoid person with a long line of assault and battery w/ and without firearms,’ Angela Holloway said in the petition. She also wrote that Kinnunen was prone to religious fanaticism and ‘says he’s battling a demon’.

Angela Holloway Husband Thomas Kinnunen shoots the Church

Kinnunen shot worshipers Richard White and Anton ‘Tony’ Wallace in the West Freeway Church of Christ on Sunday.

Within six seconds a member of the church’s volunteer security team, 71-year-old Jack Wilson, shot and killed him.

Angela Holloway Husband  Thomas KinnunenKilling record

Court records portray Kinnunen as being deeply troubled long before Sunday’s attack.

In 2012, a district judge in Oklahoma ruled him mentally incompetent to stand trial and ordered him committed to a psychiatric facility for treatment.

Texas allows concealed carry in places of worship under a law that took effect in September.

It was passed following a shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in 2017 that killed 26 people.

The reason for Kinnunen’s actions are unclear.