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Cayleb Hough a Melbourne boy died from blunt force trauma just before Christmas: Cayleb Hough Wiki, Age, Bio, Death, Personal Life, Instagram, Twitter, and more facts

Cayleb Hough Wiki – Biography

Cayleb was from Chelsea Heights – 30kms southeast of Melbourne – a keen sportsman who loved cricket, footy, indoor netball, and rugby.

Cayleb Hough went missing, his frantic father had police set up a press conference in a desperate attempt to make contact with him.

Cayleb Hough Age

Age                         17

Cayleb Hough Home Town

Home                     Melbourne

Cayleb Hough Death

Mr Hough was in court when two men charged over his son’s murder made their way into a packed Melbourne Magistrates’ Court just months later.

He pointed at one of the men and shouted: ‘You slimy coward. Every dog gets his day … you better hope you have protection in there.’

Mr Hough branded the men ‘cowards’ and was escorted from the courtroom by security.


Cayleb Hough Court Decision

An autopsy was unable to determine Cayleb’s cause of death because his body had become ‘largely skeletonised’.

In August 2018, Kelson was sentenced to 24 years in jail with a non-parole period of 19 years.

As he was removed from the docks at the Supreme Court of Victoria, Cayleb’s family screamed ‘you crumb’ and ‘you filthy scum’ at the killer.

In sentencing, Justice Andrew Tinney condemned the ‘violent and protracted assault’ of Cayleb’s death at the hands of someone who had been a friend.

‘You murdered a 17-year-old boy over who you were able to exercise control in the last hours of his life,’ Justice Tinney said.

‘His death was an absolute tragedy.’