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Who is Chloe Squires Britain’s Home Office security chief warns the Facebook about terrorists and child sex: Chloe Squires Wiki, Age, Bio, Personal Life, Instagram, Twitter, and more facts

Chloe Squires Wiki – Biography

Chloe Squires said the controversial plans would hamper British spies’ ability to prevent jihadists murdering innocent people. Chloe Squires is from the London UK Kingdom.


Chloe Squires Born

Born              London

Chloe Squires Profession

Profession    Director National Security United Kingdom Home Office

Chloe Squires Facts about Facebook encryption

  • Chloe Squires said plans would hamper British spies’ ability to prevent jihadists
  • Said proposals make it unable to stop 3,000 UK children a year being ‘abused’
  • She made the warning in a 15-page written submission to a US Senate committee
  • She said it would prevent law tracking criminals as they could hide messages

Chloe Squires Claim

Facebook will undermine the fight against terrorists and pedophiles if it increases encryption, the Home Office’s head of national security has warned.

In an unprecedented intervention, Chloe Squires said the controversial plans would hamper British spies’ ability to prevent jihadists murdering innocent people. She also said the social media giant’s proposals would mean it would be unable to stop almost 3,000 UK children a year being ‘abused, raped and degraded and have their lives ruined.’

Ms Squires warned Facebook’s plans would remove 12million reports of child abuse every year, which had led to more than 2,500 arrests in the UK and 3,000 British children being safeguarded.

She said: ‘Those numbers are hard to comprehend, and it is worth pausing to reflect on them. That is almost 3,000 children who could otherwise go on being abused, raped and degraded, and having their lives ruined.

‘That is more than 2,500 arrests preventing offenders from continuing to be able to go on perpetrating these disgusting crimes and targeting more and more victims. That is in only one country. That is in only one year. That is based on referrals from only one company. That is what we stand to lose.’

Chloe Squires claims response from Facebook

Facebook plans to extend this to other platforms such as Facebook Messenger, raising concerns the authorities will struggle to catch terrorists and abusers as they will be unable to obtain evidence.

But Facebook has rejected calls to create a ‘backdoor’ to the messages.

This, it claims, could be exploited by criminals, hackers and hostile regimes to tap into sensitive information online, such as financial transactions or medical records.

Ms Squires said the ability to decode the messages would enable investigators to take ‘vital action to prevent crimes from taking place’.

She said: ‘In most cases, the investigation is taking place before an attack has occurred and the primary objective of our agencies is to stop it from happening and prevent innocent people from being killed on our streets.

‘The use of end-to-end encryption by the perpetrators of terrorism and other serious crimes negates the ability of our law enforcement agencies to gain access to content in these circumstances, which creates a severe diminution in those agencies’ abilities to protect the public from harm.’

Facebook’s own reports reveal they it had taken action against 26million pieces of extremist content, including beheading videos and bomb-making manuals, between October 2017 and March 2019.