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Who is Freya Ayub? Miss England unable to walk due to stroke: Wiki, Life, Age, Family, Instagram, Twitter and More Facts

Freya Ayub Miss England Wiki – Biography

She is the University of Nottingham graduate who was crowned Miss England has two medical degrees and speaks five languages – and even started her job as a doctor the day after winning the beauty contest.

A Miss England hopeful left unable to walk unaided after suffering a rare life-threatening stroke is determined to strut down the pageant catwalk just months later. Doctors told Freya Ayub, 22, she had suffered a stroke in June 2019, after her blood pressure plummeted when she was left housebound after a series of headaches and severe head pain. The young woman was rushed to hospital and spent five weeks practically immobile and needing aid when walking due to knee problems caused by being left bedridden by the stroke.

Freya Ayub Miss England Age

Age                       22 years

Freya Ayub Miss England Home – Country

Home                   India

Freya Ayub Miss England Education

Education           Medical Degree

Freya Ayub Miss England Recover from Stroke

‘The doctors have told me it’s very rare but haven’t said much else which has made me very worried and nervous.

‘In the hospital I didn’t realize I was slurring my speech at first, but my friends and family kept telling me I was saying random words when I spoke. ‘I burst into tears when they told me and I was scared because I didn’t actually know I was doing I ‘When I was bedbound, I got really frustrated and bored because I was unable to work for four months and had to take a gap year from my human biology degree at university. ‘When I was discharged, my mum and my sisters still had to help me stand up because, after about 10 or 15 minutes, I would get a stinging pain in my knees.

‘I felt silly, but I was glad to have the support and now I still have problems but it’s slowly getting better – now it’s a much more bearable pain. ‘Despite the problems with my knees, I want to brave the runways of Miss England and show you can be okay after a stroke.’ Freya was kept in hospital for two weeks and had slurred speech which lasted for two days after the stroke. She also suffered from knee problems which left her unable to walk for long without support from someone else. Doctors are still investigating the cause of Freya’s stroke and check in with her every three months to monitor her progress.