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Who is Jeremy Paxman? Talked about ANNE McELVOY on University Challange: Wiki, Age, Bio, NetWorth, Career, Family Instagram, Twitter, and more facts

Jeremy Paxman Wiki – Biography

Jeremy Dickson Paxman is a British broadcaster, journalist, author, and television presenter. By-far the best way to take part in University Challenge is to settle down in an armchair with a generous glass of sherry while muttering, ‘I can’t believe they didn’t know that’. I’m certain of this because I’ve just spent several hours beneath the studio lights as, along with fellow graduates of Wadham College, Oxford, I summoned up the courage to take part in the annual ‘alumni’ version of the long-running show.

Nerve-racking doesn’t come close to describing it. Even our tiny teddy bear with an ancient college crest on its T-shirt looked precariously balanced on the edge of the desk.

Jeremy Paxman Age

Born                       11 May 1950 (age 69) Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

Jeremy Paxman Occupation

Occupation          Broadcaster, journalist, author Jeremy Paxman Active Years

Active                   1972–present

Early life and education

Paxman was born in Leeds, the son of steel company employee and former Royal Navy lieutenant and typewriter salesman (Arthur) Keith Paxman, who left the family and settled in Australia, and Joan McKay (née Dickson; 1920–2009). Keith Paxman’s father was a worsted spinner, who became sufficiently prosperous as a traveling sales representative to send his son to public school in Bradford. The Dickson family were wealthier, with Keith’s father-in-law, a self-made success, paying the Paxman children’s school fees.

He is the eldest of four children: one of his brothers, Giles, was the British Ambassador to Spain (having previously been ambassador to Mexico), and the other, James, is the chief executive of the Dartmoor Preservation Association. His sister, Jenny, is a producer at BBC Radio.

Jeremy Paxman Career


Paxman joined the BBC’s graduate trainee programme in 1972. He started in local radio, at BBC Radio Brighton. He moved to Belfast, where he reported the Troubles. He moved to London in 1977. Two years later he transferred from the Tonight programme to Panorama. After five years reporting from places such as Beirut, Uganda and Central America, he read the Six O’Clock News for two years, before moving to BBC1’s Breakfast Time programme.

Jeremy Paxman Personal life

Paxman formerly lived with Elizabeth Ann Clough in Stonor, southeast Oxfordshire. They have three adult children. The couple, who did not marry, amicably separated in 2016 after 35 years together. He always tries to keep his private life out of the spotlight and he also claims that he has no interest in the private life of others.

He supports Leeds United and he also enjoys fly fishing in his leisure time. He is vice-chairman of the Wild Trout Trust conservation charity. He is also a patron of the charity Sustrans and east London homeless charity Caritas Anchor House.

Jeremy Paxman University Challange

I’ve adored University Challenge since I was a small girl growing up in a remote part of the North East, one of those places now swept up in the Boris blue wave. This was the show that made me announce at the age of eight to my stunned mother that I was ‘going to Oxford’, and I raced around the living room in triumph if, by chance, I got the answer to a question right.

I had zero knowledge of where Oxford was, of course, just a sense that it looked like a place where you learned stuff and played a game where you pressed a buzzer.

So when, 30 years after I graduated, the producers rang out of the blue to ask if I’d take part in UC, the temptation to say yes felt overwhelming – even if it’s not entirely clear what the upside could possibly

Paxman is shrewd in teasing those who are messing up – particularly if it’s a subject that is supposed to be their specialism. But he never picks on a lame duck and jollies along with the teams that lag

I certainly feel I’ve taken my midlife reputation in my hands. My family says I’m heading for a sure-fire humiliation.

This ‘special’ edition of the quiz involves 56 contestants from 14 universities and university colleges, people apparently chosen because they have some tenuous claim or other to a place in public life.