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Lizz Sadler attacked by his husband before death: Lizz sadler Wiki, Age, Bio, NetWorth, Career, Instagram, Twitter, and more facts

Lizz Sadler the widow of Power Rangers actor Pua Magasiva has spoken out about her husband’s sick campaign of abuse. Pua, a star of New Zealand soap Shortland Street and Sione’s Wedding, died in a suspected suicide on May 11 in a hotel room in Wellington, New Zealand.  Last week, it was revealed that Magasiva had taken his own life on the same night he assaulted his wife Lizz so badly she needed hospital treatment.

Lizz Sadler Age

Age      33

Lizz Sadler Facts about attacked by Pua Magasive

Lizz said when she came out, she saw that her husband was unconscious and tried to revive him, following instructions from an emergency call operator.

The teacher, who married Pua in April last year – 18 months after meeting him on Instagram – said she had been concussed three times during their relationship and had lived in fear.

The pair regularly posted photos to social media showing what looked like the idyllic life of a happy couple full of tenderness and smiles. But in reality, her life was plagued by physical and emotional abuse, Lizz said on Saturday. She said Pua had threatened to kill her if she went to the police, and threatened to harm her eight-year-old daughter Layla, from a previous relationship. He also threatened to kill himself – terrified that if details of his abuse got out it would harm his career.

Pua died 15 days after being sentenced to community service for a drunken assault on Lizz. Lizz said the actor’s friends and family – including celebrities – had all known what was going on. Pua’s name was suppressed by the court at the time – but he still lost a movie role after his conviction.     Lizz said she found Pua’s diary hidden behind a wardrobe after his death – and in it he admitted he had always been afflicted with violent anger but couldn’t stop.The pages were filled with tortured thoughts of self-hatred.

Lizz said she had enabled Pua to continue his violence by keeping quiet and making excuses for him.’I want women to speak up and tell the truth,’ she said. She said it is never too late for people to change, and it was sad that Pua did not know he could fix himself.   A court suppression order was lifted in New Zealand on Wednesday allowing Lizz to speak out for the first time.