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Who is Lynsey Ashford? A mother suffering a headche with 100,000 strokes near to death: Lynsey Ashford Wiki, Age, Bio, Personal Life, Instagram, Twitter, and more facts

Lynsey Ashford Wiki – Biography

Lynsey Ashford, 43, from Northwich, Cheshire, was diagnosed with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), a condition that accounts for just one percent of strokes worldwide after she fell to the floor in the middle of the night in June this year.

Lynsey Ashford Age

Age                                                      43

Lynsey Ashford Nationality

Nationality                                        Cheshire, England

Lynsey Ashford Husband Statement

Panicked husband John, 45, compared her symptoms against FAST stroke advice but dismissed it after she passed all four checks and put her back to bed assuring his wife it must be a bad sickness bug – before he saved her life the following morning when he found her unresponsive in bed.

But former ombudsman case officer Mrs. Ashford, who had been fulfilling her dreams after retraining as a hairdresser, now feels like a ‘ticking time bomb’ as doctors struggled to work out what caused the dozens of blood clots to form on her brain, meaning they could strike again at any time.

Lynsey Ashford Doctors about Disease

Doctors found Lynsey Ashford’s brain was 95 percent clogged with clots. A mother of three who collapsed after suffering a headache was devastated when doctors revealed she’d suffered a near-fatal one in 100,000 stroke – despite her husband checking her over and ruling it out.

Lynsey Ashford views about happening

he mum-of-three is now speaking out to raise awareness of the more unusual symptoms of strokes and how hard they can be to spot.

Mrs. Ashford said: ‘I went to college on a Wednesday and I had a headache. The teacher told me I didn’t look right but I just took some paracetamol and cracked on.

‘When I got up the next day the headache was horrendous but the news said the pollen count was high so I thought it must be hay fever and took some more painkillers, before going about my mum’s duties.

‘All day the headache didn’t disappear and then I started being sick. John told me I had a bad bug and I went to lie down.

‘Later that night he came to bed but at around 1.30 am I got out of the bed and collapsed, hitting the bedroom door as I went down.

‘I woke John up and he got the FAST check signs for a stroke up on his phone but as I responded to everything so he just thought it was still a bug and helped me back into bed.

‘In the morning he got all the kids ready for school and told them not to bother me because I was ill, but just before he left to take them he came up to check on me.

‘Thank god he did, because if he hadn’t I wouldn’t be here today.

‘He couldn’t wake me up no matter how hard he tried. My pupils were dilated but there were no signs of response, so he phoned an ambulance.’

After nearly a fortnight the 43-year-old, mum to Mollie, 17, Mae, 13, and Esme, six, was discharged to go home, but five months later the ordeal is still haunting her.

Mrs Ashford said: ‘The consultant said he had never seen anything like it.