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Who is Neyleen Ashley? Wiki, Age, Bio, Boyfriend, Instagram, and Twitter

Neyleen Ashley Wiki- Biography

Neyleen Ashley is an Instagram model, shares his story, His Boyfriend was cheating him and dating with other women by checking his Apple watch. She has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and from Miami Florida.

Neyleen Ashley  Age

Age   30 years

Neyleen Ashley  Personal Detail

Name                             Neyleen Ashley

BirthDay                       August 18, 1988

Birthplace                    Miami, FL

Profession                    Instagram Star

Ambassador                Fashion Nova Curve

Neyleen Ashley Boyfriend Cheating Story

30-year-old Neylane Ashley found out that her former partner was secretly unfaithful during their three-year relationship with prostitutes, disorganized women, and a longtime girlfriend.

She said: “He never made me feel safe as a woman, nor was I worth anything.

“I’m dating a simple guy from a small town. He’s kind of in awe of me, but he’s not me. He’s behaving like me.” He was trying to regulate his life at the time, so I was the only moneymaker at the end of the relationship, and he used my money and his free time to go to massage parlors, go to massage parlors or have a girlfriend in another city.

He left me to see these prostitutes on my mother’s birthday. He knew how much pressure I had. He would not talk to me or post anything on my birthday because he didn’t want to see his other girlfriend.”
She said: “I found out he was cheating because I had a hunch for a long time, I was very clear and I knew something was off. Even if I wanted to trust him, I seemed to be taking advantage. Not only financially but personally I was such a loving and caring person. After their breakup, Neeleen also contacted her friends and family to convince her that her ex had begged her to return and that he had “turned up

Neyleen, however, said she had no intention of going back and hopes to move forward with her life on a positive note. She said: “I feel empowered and actually very strong.